The Japan Breath Alcohol Consortium is...

Supportive of the improvement of the quality and education concerning alcohol breathalyzers while advocating for the elimination of drunk driving and health management.

On April 8th, 2015, in response to strong pressure and the government and the transportation industry, the [Japan Breath Alcohol Testing Consortium] was created to manufacture and sell alcohol breathalyzers. As accidents caused by drunk driving are becoming a serious social problem, health problems caused by excessive drinking are also fast becoming increasingly important. We plan to educate the masses with the correct coping and prevention knowledge.

Here at the Japan Breath Alcohol Consortium, we dispatch qualified experts as instructors and hold exihibitions of alcohol breathalyzers at various events in order to raise public awareness.

Drunk Driving Prevention Instructor

We dispatch qualified experts to spread public awareness of our mission through seminars and live demonstrations.

Alcohol Breathalyzer Exhibition

Would you like to display alcohol breathalyzers at events such as a seminar on traffic safety or a transportation festival?

Speak at Driver Safety Manager Lecture

We give lectures at driver meeting or safety manager seminars.  (We have proven experience)

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