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Purpose and Organizational Goals


The Consortium aims to improve the status of the breathalyzer industry by improving the technology, quality, and public awareness of alcohol breathalyzers.

The purpose of the Consortium is to contribute to the elimination of societal problems rooted in the abuse and overuse of alcohol by collaborating with related organizations, associations, and businesses in mutual cooperation among its members.

The Consortium is a non-profit organization.

Organizational Goals

The Consortium conducts the following activities to achieve the purpose of the preceding article:

  1. The spread of public awareness on the necessity and use of alcohol breathalyzers.
  2. Research and development to continually improve the quality of technology utilized for alcohol detection.
  3. Full transparency in promoting the public awareness of the benefits of alcohol breathalyzers and drunk driving legislation. 
  4. Continual open communication and consultation with administrative agencies related to alcohol breathalyzing technology.
  5. Promotion and raising of public awareness regarding alcohol breathalyzer road traffic safety and alcohol substance abuse prevention.
  6. International exchange on alcohol breathalyzing technology and traffic safety policy
  7. Collaboration with administrative bodies and organizations focusing on alcohol-related health disorders.
  8. Other necessary activities to achieve the purpose of the Consortium.

Japan Breath Alcohol Testing Consortium Activity Plan

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Japan Breath Alcohol Testing Consortium Constitution

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Organization and System

Executive Office

Japan Alcohol Breath Consortium Executive Office (Sanko Techno Co., Ltd.)

〒270-0107 Nishifukai, Nagareyama City, Chiba Prefecture 1028-14

TEL: 04-7155-6300/FAX: 04-7155-6325

Contact: Sakaguchi Shoichi