Basic Knowledge of Penal Regulations Etc.

For Drunk Driving Prevention

The brain while drunk driving・Effect on the body

  1. Dynamic visual acuity drops while the visual field narrows resulting in delayed awareness of signal changes, pedestrians, and the movement of the car.
  2. Spatial reason and critical thinking are impaired leading to reduced ability to judge the road environment accurately. Drivers may feel a surge of confidence and therefore be unable to accurately guage speed.
  3. Because the ability to concentrate is greatly reduced, you will not be able to adapt to the changing driving environment.
  4. Since the nerves responsible for reflexes are inhibited, steering wheel operation and brake motion tend to be delayed.
  5. The sense of equilibrium within the body is disturbed, making it impossible to drive straight, and could lead to reckless driving (bobbing and weaving).
    This leads to dangerous behaviors such as signals being ignored, curves being overlooked, pedestrians being ignored, steering miscalculation, collisions with guard rails or an electricity pole, etc., potentially causing a disastrous accident.

Drunk driving and traffic accidents

Despite being banned by law (Road Traffic Act), reports of drunk driving incidents are not decreasing.

A decline in alcohol-related traffic accidents due to a severe crackdown by law enforcement (from the National Police Agency) and an increase in social momentum has reduced the number of accidents in 2008. The total number of reported incidents was 6,219, 305 of which were deaths.

The state of drunkenness and the chance of traffic accidents

The possibility of a traffic accident doubles while driving under the influence (blood alcohol concentration of 0.05% or more).
For example, the chance of a traffic accident doubles per standard drink consumed (one bottle for beer, one for sake, 0.6 for shochu).
Therefore drunk driving is forbidden by law.

Number of violation articles・Punishments etc.

Drunk Driving Crackdown Criteria
Drunk Driving
Driving while heavily inebriated leading to the inability to drive in a straight line.
Driving under the Influence
Even though there is not enough alcohol in the body to be considered drunk there is still enough present to be considered dangerous to drive.
Number of Violations・Punishments etc.

Due to the amendment of the law in June 2009, the number of drunk driving related penalties were increased and the severity of punishments etc. were greatly raised.

PointsPunishment ContentsRevocation・Suspension Period
Drunk Driving35 pointsRevoking of driver's license3 years
Driving Under the Influence(Alcohol amount per 1 liter of exhaled air)
Over 0.25mg
25 pointsRevoking of driver's license2 years
(Alcohol amount per 1 liter of exhaled air)
Over 0.15mg but less than 0.25mg
13 pointsSuspension of license90 days

※This punishment is used as an example and depends on past traffic accident and traffic violation history. For use in the case of no prior [Revocation・Suspension period].

※Reference material:Health and Medicine of Alcohol Association