Alcohol Trivia

Introducing unexpected trivia about alcohol and drinking!

Basic Knowledge of Drinking

Why one gets drunk after drinking

Alcohol enters the bloodstream before circulating through the body on up to the brain.
Upon entering the brain alcohol then paralyzes nerve cells thus inducing a drunken state.

What happens to alcohol in the body

  1. Drunk alcohol is absorbed about 20% from stomach and about 80% from small intestine. Then it enters the bloodstream and is carried all across the body.
  2. Most of the alcohol that enters the body is metabolized in the liver. Next, the liver decomposes alcohol chemically to acetate (acetic acid) via acetaldehyde.
  3. Acetate (acetic acid) is carried throughout the body via the bloodstream and  it is broken down into water and carbon dioxide by muscle and adipose tissue,  before being discharged outside the body.
  4. 2 to 10% of the alcohol consumed in its original form is excreted or exhaled, sweat, and urine.

The concept of one unit of alcohol

One standard drink is equivalent to 20g of pure alcohol.
If we convert 1 unit to the typical standard drink for various alcoholic beverages, one bottle of beer is 500 ml, sake 1 (180 ml), whiskey double (60 ml), and shochu no. 0.6 (110 ml).

The time it takes to become sober

Alcohol in the body is treated about 0.1g / h per 1g of body weight.
If an individual weighing around 60 kg drinks 1 unit of alcohol, alcohol will stay within the body for about 3 to 4 hours
In the case of 2 units it takes about 6 to 7 hours for alcohol to disappear from the body. Due to various individual differences, certian individuals as well as gender differences in constitutional constitution may take longer to biologically process alcohol.
Alcohol will often remain in the body even after waking up the next day. This is especially true if drinking in the evening has gone on to midnight or beyond.

Blood alcohol content and the state of being drunk

Useful Drinking Q&A

Drunkenness does not wear off quickly

I drank a beer but I don't feel drunk at all. So if I drive it should be fine right?

Right after drinking, if you wait for a moment you'll soon feel the effects. You absolutely shouldn't drive.

Even if you drink alcohol quickly there is no guarantee you will get drunk right away. Alcohol is absorbed from the stomach and small intestine before entering the blood and finally circulating throughout the body and reaching the brain. Normally it will take tens of minutes to do so.(When consuming food with alcohol the chemical breakdown of alcohol will occur more slowly)