Certified Devices

The new acceptance of devices for approval in the voluntary certification program ended on December 31, 2017.
We are currently preparing to transition our device certification program to examination by a third party external institution.
(Scheduled to commence in the fiscal year of 2018)

Here at the Japan Breath Alcohol Consortium, we continue to tailor our certification guidelines to improve the technological ability and quality of breathalyzers.
■Only devices applying for certification that satisy the following requirements shall be considered as "passed inspection (type approved)":
1)The device meets the requirements described in the "Alcohol Breathalyzer Examination Sales Guidelines".
2)The device meets the requirements described in the "Alcohol Breathalyzer Certification Technical Requirements".
3)In addition, all necessary application documents must be complete.

Approved Device List: As of February 24, 2018, 8 products and 22 models have been approved.


Central Automotive Products Ltd.  SOCIAC SC-103

It is a standard self-managing type device for personal use. Simple and easy to use, the SOCIAC series is perfectly in line with current laws and regulations, and has been adopted by many churches, government agencies and companies.

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Central Automotive Products Ltd.   SOCIAC SC-202

A breathalyzer for individual use that includes easy-to-use functions such as an alarm and error indication for when alcohol is detected.

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Central Automotive Products Ltd.   SOCIAC SC-402

A high-grade device for personal use that adopts the industry's first "hybrid sensor".

Our model boasts dramatically improved alcohol gas sensitivity (compared to other companies), with a power saving design that also utilizes rechargeable batteries.

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Central Automotive Products Ltd.   SOCIAC SC-302

A data management type business alcohol breathalyzer  that responds reliably to transportation operation management needs. Our device is developed based on the ability to achieve high quality results and instill customers with feelings of ease typically provided by the SOCIAC series. The device may be used as a stationary device or a mobile version.

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TANITA Corporation HC-310

Slide up the sensor cap to turn the power on.
You can easily check the breath alcohol concentration by blowing upon this device.    
If alcohol is detected from your breath, a backlight of display turns red and an alert sounds.
That's why you can easily know the judgment result.  

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TANITA Corporation FC-1000/1008D

Our device follows a 3WAY model with an installed stationary type, a single type, and a mobile type. Our device can be used in conjunction with data mangement software to connect with smart phones, tablets, etc.

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TANITA Corporation FC-1200/1200F

It is a high functioning breathalyzer for general use that can be utilized as a mobile device or stationary office use. The device sensor life also combines high cost performance with long life, especially for businesses with a large volume of users and branch offices. Simple basic operational manual provided (with branch location selection)

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An alcohol breathalyzer equipped with optimum functionality for transportation management. It can be utilized as a stationary office device or for remote site management. In addition it is also possible to streamline the breath test results with the included PC management software.

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Sanko Techno Co., Ltd. ST-3000

A commercial alcohol breathalyzer for the transportation industry and general corporation. Breathalyzer results can be printed for record keeping purposes using the included printer. Additionally by connecting with the accompanying software comprehensive data management is possible.

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Tokai-Denshi Inc. ALC-PRO II

An alcohol breathalyzer specialized for transportation  companies and general corporations. Our device is able to confirm the name and face of the driver/employee while functioning as a corporate-exclusive machine specialized for employee management. Anti-tamper functions include photo shots during breath tests, a breath test countdown, keeping record of breath test results for more than one year, etc. 

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Tokai-Denshi Inc. ALC-mini III

An alcohol breathalyzer that integrates a printer, our device is specialized for the transportation industry and general corporations. The date, time, and breath test results can be printed on thermal paper for record-keeping purposes.

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Tokai-Denshi Inc. ALC-Mobile II

An alcohol breathalyzer specialized for transportation companies and general corporations. In the transportation industry our device is often used for telephone calls remotely with drivers. In general corporations it is often used to confirm work attendance of early morning workers. The device boasts a video, e-mail, facial photograph transmission feature etc.

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TANITA Corporation FC-900

A simple model for businesses with a low volume of breath tests. Our proven "rental system" allows our customers lower cost to simplify troublesome maintenance fees. We encourage you to introduce our highly accurate, high quality alcohol breathalyzer to your business today!

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Pa-man Corporation PAC30

An alcohol breathalyzer specialized for transport companies and general companies. The device also provides video calling and facial photograph coupled with an e-mail function. For users in the transportation industry it is often utilized as a tool to communicate with remote drivers whereas in general corporations it is often used for work attendance confirmation of early morning workers etc.

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PAI-R Co., Ltd. Alkiller Plus

The Alkiller Plus interfaces with smartphones via  an interactive alcohol breathalyzing system. This "when, where, and who breathalyzer system" uses a wi-fi connection to allow for reliable management and fraud prevention. Functions include "Cloud-centric Management" "Work  Attendance Check-in" and "Automatic Record List Generation". 

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TANITA Corporation EA-100

Slide up the sensor cap to turn the power on.  
You can easily check the breath alcohol concentration by blowing upon this device.
It is so small that you can carry it around.

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Tech Well International. Jp. co., Ltd.   FT-001

An easy-to-use standardized model with a reduced running cost. We garuntee our service has been perfected through years of technological development.

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Tech Well International. Jp. Co., Ltd. FT-001A

Ideal for medium to long distance calling. It is possible to customize calling feautures with an added buzzer sound that can be used for confirmation purposes. The CSV file output function is a standard feature that can be used in combination with other operational software.

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Tech Well International. Jp. co., Ltd.   FT-003

A device with installed built-in memory that also doubles as a stationary type for the office or a mobile type. Features include a USB connectivity feature enables speedy data transfers. CSV file output is also standard, with it also boasting compatibility with other transportation management software。

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Central Automotive Products Ltd.      SC-403

The high functioning quality of the SC-402 Socianac Alpha now includes a test result save feature. Up to 15 items are automatically saved on the main device.

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