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Nissha FIS, Inc.'s specified gas sensor is installed in many products covering various fields.
Depending on customer needs we offer customization for various application circuits and software support.

Our sensor technology is increasing in daily use in industries such as gas alarms for carbon monoxide poisoning and gas explosion prevention, air purifiers and air conditioners, OEM supply of alcohol checkers, hydrogen sensor for fuel cell vehicles and medical treatment. 

Nissha FIS, Inc.


We specialize in the manufacture and sale of gas and warning detectors. We have various products spread throughout the world across various industries, including government agencies, energy, shipbuilding, transportation, electricity etc.



Sanko Techno 's spirit of "satisfying our customers" as a manufacturer of "useful tools for all people" is a corporate philosophy that we have kept as our promise since our foundation.
We provide services for not only alcohol detection but also for various applications (ALC Guardian, ALC Guardian Net etc) aimed at unified management for call handling, as part of our commitment to providing "safety and security" to everyone and contribute to creating an ideal society of the future.

Sanko Techno Co., Ltd.


Our company is a professional electrical meter manufacturer with proven results in the field.
Our patented alcohol breathalyzer is a trusted domestic Japanese product manufactured by Shinohara Electrical Inst.Works,Ltd.
In addition, we also sell general electronic instruments.

Shinohara Electrical Inst.Works,Ltd.

Tanita is a comprehensive health-focused company that supports everyone's 24 hour health needs through proposing the best balance of diet, exercise and rest.

Tanita Corporation


We mainly develop and sell auto parts, supplies for the automotive industry, new products, and related services. Through importing and exporting globally, we are developing a business network in over 60 countries around the world. We developed an alcohol detector "SOCIAC" in order to reduce even one traffic accident.
In addition, under the corporate philosophy of "Contributing to society", we practice and continue various CSR activities through Sociac.

Sociac Alcohol Breathalyzer / Alcohol Detector


Datatec Co., Ltd. is a digital technology manufacturer that conducts development, manufacturing, and sales of digi tako, and drive recorders.
 We help provide our customers the tools necessary to improve the efficiency transportation operations across the transportation industry through the use of operation data sharing between the digi tako and roll call applications.

Datatec Co., Ltd.



We are providing communication services mainly through IT and mobile, and utilizing our pioneering know-how in this field, we are proceeding for planning, development, and diffusion of the safe and secure roll call system, “IT TENKO KEEPER” especially for freight and passenger carriers.
Through this service, we provide “improvements of business efficiency” and “ensuring safety” for everyone involved in the shipping industry which is one of the important social infrastructures.

Tele-nishi Inc.

Tokai Electronics Inc. manufactures, sells, and supports G mark, drunk driving prevention, IT call system, alcohol interlock etc., mainly for the purpose of alcohol detection.
In addition, we also offer seminars from our Drunk Driving Prevention Instructors.

Tokai-Denshi Inc.


We support a wide range of breathalyzers from handheld devices for personal use to devices for professional use. We also provide consultation on which devices would be best suitable to customer needs while also providing affordable maintenance. 
In addition, all sales employees are certified drunk driving prevention instructors visiting each company and addressing issues such as alcohol substance abuse in the workplace.

Toyo Mark Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


We are aiming to assist our customers with total operational management support by providing dynamic management service, safe driving support service, bus navi service, and delivery management service etc. 
We also offer an "alcohol check service" and  an "IT call service" to backed up by an efficient and reliable call service.

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us.
Docomo Systems Co., Ltd.

Dräger was stablished in Lübeck City, the ancient capital of North Germany in 1889.
Since developing the world's first oxygen respirator, we have been developing and manufacturing, medical equipment such as anesthesia machines, artificial respiration equipment, incubators and other safety devices including sn air respirator, chemical protective clothing, gas detector, alcohol detector etc. all based on human respiratory physiology.

Dräger Japan Ltd. is a Japanese corporation of the Dräger group spread in about 190 countries around the world.

Dräger Japan Co., Ltd.


NEMOTO SENSOR ENGINEERING CO., LTD. prepares various sensors for our customers with different detection principles, introduces optimum sensors according to the type of gas to be detected, the level of gas concentration, and the usage environment.
As the only sensor manufacturer capable of supplying sensors for both domestic and industrial applications, we are meeting the needs of every market.



We are planning and developing automobiles, truck parts, supplies, tools, logistics goods, etc with their own brands
We produce a direct-to-order mail catalog mainly for automobile factory maintenance, transport companies that sell directly with customers of various industries.

Pa-man Corporation


Pai-R Co., Ltd. develops and provides services aimed at creating new solutions utilizing smartphones. Our technology includes such devices as a drive recorder and operation management system linked through our alcohol breathalyzer called the "Alkiller".
We are committed to developing and offering daily services that contribute to the "safety", "efficiency" and "eco" of the transportation infrastructure of society.

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As a world leader supplying products globally in gas sensing technology, Figaro has been developing practical and reliable gas sensor devices and alcohol detectors etc. in the fields of security, air quality control, air conditioning and air conditioning equipment, etc. for over 40 years. 

As a manufacturer specializing in gas sensing technology, we are dedicated to the realization of zero drunk driving-related accidents.

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Electrochemical Alcohol Sensor Manufacturing ,Sales
Zip Code: 〒360-0847
Kakehara Minami Kumagaya-shi, Saitama Prefecture     2-190

MGK Industries Co., Ltd.

Meitetsu EI Engineer Co., Ltd.

Meitetsu EI Engineer Co., Ltd. has been working on alcohol detection technology long before accidents caused by drunk driving even made a big impact on society.
Now, our technology has evolved into a call assistance system that can verify driver work attendence by confirming driver identity, driver's license validity, and driver safety through our secure interlock device.
We are also committed to raising health awareness.

Meitetsu EI Engineer Co., Ltd.

New Cosmos Electric develops a wide range of products including gas alarms, gas detectors, and odor sensors. This makes full use of our unique gas sensor technology, and our devices are widely used from home to industrial fields.

In recent years, we are also continuing to challenge new industries such as fire prevention and in the medical field by utilizing our odor sensor for indoor air quality measurement to help create a safe and comfortable work environment.



Techwell International Japan Ltd. is manufacturing alcohol detector for professional use.
We have two types of devices utilizing either a SD card or built-in memory.
We can provide customizable alcohol detector in accordance with customer needs such as employee data management via PC.

Zip Code: 541-0046

Osaka TK Building 2F, 3-4-14 Hiranomachi, Chuo-ku, OSAKA, JAPAN
Tech Well International. Jp. Co., Ltd

Yanaco Co., Ltd.

Safe driving is important for all drivers.
In addition to the need to prevent drunk driving and other accidents, a roll call should be made before driving.
Our unique and own roll call implementation system contributes to that purpose.

“AISAI-TENKO" is a system for amateur private car drivers.
"ONLINE-TENKO" is a system for professional transportation drivers.

The portable key box is unlocked with the driver himself and his family or colleagues.
Unlocking on mobile allows drivers to make roll calls wherever they are.

M-System Solutions Co., Ltd.

Our belief is to have the power to accumulate the know-how cultivated in the "field", improve it every day, and create new value from it, that is, the "field power". Taking advantage of that expertise, we propose the optimum terminal design and the latest hardware and software that meet the needs of our customers.